A2MAC1 and LMI join forces to deliver Advanced Exterior Lighting Insights

Paris, December 1, 2022 – A2MAC1, the undisputed global leader in automotive benchmarking, and Lighting Market Intelligence (LMI), a specialist in lighting market expertise and value-added data solutions & analysis, joined forces to provide clients with deep, comprehensive insights on lighting technology options. Their combined best-in-class competencies give rise to a new service, Advanced Exterior Lighting Insights, further extending their exterior lighting benchmarking activities and consolidating A2MAC1 performance, technology, and costing insights.

“A2MAC1’s purpose is to stay attuned to the markets’ evolutions and to anticipate the subsequent challenges our clients will face. While lighting equipment can benefit from regular technological breakthroughs to improve the final product performance and its contribution to overall vehicle aesthetics & safety, it is constrained by rigorous regulations and increasing cost control. In this challenging period, we are extremely proud to be joining forces with LMI and refining our expertise to meet the current and future needs of our clients,” said Stephan Weng, Head of Operations at A2MAC1.

A2MAC1 has been serving its clients with competitive insights for more than 25 years, deconstructing and analyzing complex product assemblies. In recent years, A2MAC1 has extended its core technical benchmarking offering with performance and cost benchmarking data, introducing unique 360° vehicle insights. The company has been benchmarking vehicle exterior lighting for several years, dismantling and analyzing around 20 headlights a year, and more recently adding performance insights thanks to goniometry.
LMI is bringing more than 50 years of combined experience, from R&D and product management to manufacturing processes. LMI will benefit from the synergies established between A2MAC1 and its clients in the field of benchmarking and will further complement A2MAC1’s 360° insight offering thanks to its deep understanding of the lighting market.

“Joining forces with A2MAC1 guarantees LMI’s further development. We know that the automotive sector will experience important changes in the near future. Headlight signature is becoming an even more important way to identify and differentiate various brands. Exterior lighting management will be critical to automotive manufacturers. A2MAC1 understands this critical shift and we are honored that they value our unique and respected niche knowledge in the lighting design industry,” said Kamislav Fadel, Co-Founder of LMI.

Photo (from left to right): Kamislav Fadel, Co-Founder of LMI, Dr. Stephan Weng, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of A2MAC1, Pascal Popis, Co-Founder of LMI and Matthieu Blary, Exterior Lighting Product Manager of A2MAC1.

A2MAC1 Platform – Advanced Exterior Lighting Insights

About A2MAC1

A2MAC1 is the world-leading provider of benchmarking insights and solutions across the automotive and mobility industry and beyond. A pioneer in the analysis and transformation of data into actionable value, the company has delivered mission-critical insights into the market for over 25 years. With more than 700 employees worldwide (in Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States), the group’s offering is used daily by more than 650,000 professionals from the entire automotive and mobility value chain and beyond. Its unique, easy-to-use, 3D proprietary technology platform helps manufacturers optimize the design and materials of their products throughout their life cycle, with a constant focus on
decarbonization and innovation, while enabling constant cost and value optimization.

For more information: https://www.a2mac1.com.

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Laurine Della Bianca | laurine.dellabianca@zenogroup.com | +33 1 88 46 41 07

About LMI

Created by two lifelong experts in the Automotive industry, LMI delivers a Unique Approach to monitor the Automotive Lighting Industry. LMI is offering tailored solution & services for Lighting market intelligence analysis, competitive benchmarking and consulting projects for all players in the automotive industry (OEM, TIER 1, TIER 2, Consultants, Analyst…) as well as anyone who requires deep, reliable, up-to-date data.
Our inhouse developed algorithm “EnLight” is easy to use, intuitive and provides general information as well as very granular data/trend.

For more information: https://lightingmi.com/

Pascal Popis (Co-Founder) | pascal.popis@lightingmi.com | +33 6 25 31 01 38

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